1.    What type of allergens can I ask to have omitted?          


Answer:   All of our cakes are made gluten-free.  They are produced and baked in a gluten-free kitchen, which safeguards agains any chance of cross-contamination.  I addition to this, we can make all the products to exclude any of the following:   DAIRY, SOY, TREE-NUTS, AND PEANUTS.  However, if you are sensitive to peanuts to the extend that you experience anaphylaxis, please be advised that we cannot guarantee against cross-contamination due to the fact that peanut-containing products are used in the kitchen. 

We verify each ingredient that is sourced with the manufacturer to ensure that the gluten-free status of the product is not compromised.  The same steps are taken for the other allergens listed above.  


2.    Do you deliver?


Answer:   We ask that you collect the cakes, however we will deliver tiered cakes (such as wedding cakes) as they may have to be assembled onsite.  In special circumstances we will deliver, however a delivery fee will apply.


3.     How much notice do you require?


Answer:    Because each cake is customized to the requirements of the order, we need at least 4 to 5 days before the requested order completion date for most standard sized cakes.   In the case of wedding or 3-D shaped cakes, which require extensive design time, the order must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to completion date.  For wedding cake orders, we provide a cake tasting so that you may make your choices regarding the flavours, fillings and frosting as well as design.


4.     I would like a special novelty cake for my child's celebration, how do I explain what we want?


Answer:    Children's birthday cakes or Sweet 16 cakes are a very special addition to the occasion.  The more information we have regarding the design, colours, flavours, size, shape and decorations, the better we can meet your expectations.  We always welcome pictures, drawings, sketches, or concepts that we can use as a starting point and inspiration.  Keep in mind that in the case of special decorations, such as figures or cake wafers, plastic elements, etc., may need to be ordered at least two weeks in advance! 


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